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Mechanics of penny pressing machines

Apr 20, 2013· Penny pressing machines are very cool Here I look at a few a little more closely Skip navigation Sign in Search , Mechanics of penny pressing machines SquiggleMom Loading.

St Louis Penny Press Coin Machine

Jul 08, 2012· Watch our product feature video for St Louis Penny Press Coin Machine - Lucky Pressed Souvenir Penni Follow Us TWITTER twitter/luckypennysh.

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Hand Cranked Penny Press with four images in a smaller Compact Cabinet with 2" Vintage Legs Stock #1546 Penny Press in new narrower Classic Cabinet with Antique 6" Legs Hand Cranked Stock #1524 We offer our penny press machines (also known as elongated coin machines.


Also known as "penny press machine", it is a little machine manually working With it anybody can create, by his/her own coin, his/her own, exclusive and unique Penny Souvenir or "elongated penny" or "elongated coin" Everybody can afford his/her Penny Souvenir because it costs usually one only euro!.


15 custom engravings and rolled out for you ; a custom penny book made especially for this special ; the book holds 15 labeled slots for each coin! their is a 16th custom coin that embossed on the front cover! You receive the book and all of the coins for only $20!!!.

Penny Press Machines

May 29, 2019· As the largest retailer, operator, and manufacturer of penny press machines - also known as an elongated penny machine or souvenir presses - our experienced staff can help you add to your profits We realize that "down time" means money lost We build our machines to keep you "up and running" with a minimum of maintenance and upkeep.

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Pressed pennies, elongated coins, and penny press machines are, as you can see, the focus of PressedPenni Our goal is to provide helpful links for pressed penny collectors as well as people looking to purchase penny press machines for their own locations.

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The original elongated souvenir penny book with the coin on the coverPenny Machine locations around the world, Collecting Tips, EC History, Online Store, and more! Where to Find Smashed Penny Machines Disney Travel Tips, Disney Suggestions, Fun with Disney, and other helpful DIsney Info to make a Magical Disney Vacation Pressed Pennies!!.

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Jul 16, 2015· Is there a map or an easy way to create a map of the machine locations?I know the mobile app does this for locations nearby, but if I want to plan a t Map of machine locations - Elongated Coin.

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US Pennies or Quarters pressed into souvenirs Custom designed die-rings for your location Custom signs displaying coin designs Custom themed machines are now available Full viewing window Large capacity secured money box Non-re-set-able counter 25 cent to $100 adjustable vending price.

Souvenir Coin Press Machines

What is the Penny Press Machine? Penny press machines are a fun and exciting way to turn a family trip or adventure into something memorable Penny Men press machines are designed for both indoor & outdoor use, and offers a selection of four engravings, each one can be a variation of your company’s logo or selected design.

Elongated Coins, Elongated Penny Machine

The elongated coins that emerge become a unique memento, a collector's item to commemorate visits to gift shops, national parks, museums, zoos, aquariums and hundreds of tourist destinations served by the Penny Machine Company The elongated penny machine first appeared at The World Colombian Exposition held in Chicago in 1892 and 1893.


Click Custom Coins for more information Elongated coins are the official name for these type of souvenir coins Other common names are pressed pennies, squished pennies, smashed pennies, rolled-out pennies, and ‘awesome penny' which is what children often say! Cindy's Cents is a regional elongated penny machine company located in the Eastern.

UK Pennies

There is now 2 new 4 die machines and a Souvenir Coin machine There are three designs on both penny machines and two coins to collect ----- We are still awaiting news of new machines in London from Pennymangle, hopefully by the half-term Has the year design at Harrods been changed this year?.

David's Coin Travels

David's Coin Travels Follow my journey across the country collecting elongated coins , But recently we did finally get something new in the form of a pressed penny machine , and whether you need to supply your own coin to be pressed, or if the machine supplied a preloaded zinc penny.


Custom Designs Pennybandz, LLC is equipped to design and manufacture custom Pennybandz® to meet the requirements for any location's unique theme We also offer custom packaging to match each custom Pennybandz® design Please contact a member of our sales or customer service team for additional information regarding custom designs.

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Pressed Penny Favors Whatever your theme, The Penny Depot offers the most unique wedding favors, save the dates, and wedding party gifts! Our buyers have searched the world for distinctive ideas for unique party favors to fit their wedding celebration.

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May 29, 2019· Penny press machines from our shop can be found in all 50 stat Our international customers are spread around the world with penny press machines in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain (England, Ireland and Scotland), France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Canada and many others.

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Are you looking to offer smashed pennies for your zoo, amusement park, giftshop, or attraction? We offer the most advanced coin operated manual crank penny press machines; used to smash pennies, squish pennies, and elongate pennies and foreign coins Our smashing machines come in a variety of styles, sizes, and budgets to match your needs.

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At The Penny Depot, we are all about commemorating important milestones in your life No matter how large or small the event, we take pride in the creating and manufacturing of premium pressed penni We want to help you celebrate all of life’s events.

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The Classic Penny Press and Compact Penny Press come in your choice of two finishes - Provincial or Honey Oak Each of our pressed penny machines produces souvenir elongated coins your customers will want to save forever! All of our souvenir penny press machines are proudly made in the USA!.

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Whatever you call them - penny smasher, penny crank, penny press machine, coin smasher, quarter press, dime press, penny pinchers, souvenir press, and squished penny machine - they all roll or press souvenirs known as elongated coins Browse our featured used penny pincher machines - hand-crank penny.